Source: Kevan lee (2015)

Research is a detailed analysis and review of materials and sources with a view to developing evidence and drawing new conclusions

While existing method of doing research widely used by many students are effective, new tools and methods are being developed in order to make research easier for you.

Employment in Nigeria has been a matter of concern for several years. Several studies have shown that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is rising year after year. There is also a bit of debate in the labor market, as recruiters and employers have argued that some graduates are unemployable due to lack of a variety of employability skills, leaving a lot of jobs empty until today.

Furthermore, this threat, called unemployment, has given birth to a number of other organizations concerned with equipping graduates with both soft skills and hard skills to make them more employable. Indeed, the influence…

Data can be seen as raw materials that needs processing before it can be meaningful and useful. Data analysis according to Ashirwadam (2014) is the act of putting facts and figures to solve research problems. This definition identifies the need to collect “facts and figures” and to solve a research problem which is an important feature of research. It does not, however, define the need for these facts to be processed, interpreted and which is also very essential.

Therefore, we describe Data analysis in research as a systematic process by which a researcher gathers relevant data, organizes, processes and interprets…

You need a range of skills to conduct research

Over the years, I have worked with various students who are very serious about their studies and research.

They have the right motivation, brilliant ideas and knowledge in their subject matter, but they still struggle with their research.


The obvious and probable answer is that certain research skills are missing.

Let’s meet Simon

“Simon is an undergraduate student in his Year 3 who has little knowledge about research but willing to conduct research on a topic of interest. …

A research work is not complete without a detailed discussion of results obtained from the analysis. In fact, your findings are the basis for conclusions, suggestions and recommendations for policy actions and subsequent researches that relate to your research topic.

Through the discussion section, you must be able to make a meaning of your result, explain its importance, as well as show the relationship between variables and indicators under discussion. Much emphasis should be laid on explanation and estimation of the result of the analysis in relation to research objectives and literature review.

So, how do you write a good…

Project supervisors are well knowledgeable and adequately trained pedagogically on how to supervise. In no doubt, they are key to determining how the project would be graded by the external supervisor(s).

However, some students complain about their relationship with their supervisor. It is pertinent to note that the factors responsible for lack of positive relationship are multifaceted. This cuts across latent problem(s) of the supervisee, the environment, inability to deliver required content, etc. …

Hey Research

A group of research-loving experts. Our goal is to enhance the quality of research by offering training and mentoring to early researchers.

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